Our Community

Year-Round Good Cheer. Shining Traditions.

McAdenville NC - Our CommunityWalk through the streets of McAdenville and you will be greeted with a friendly wave or a welcoming smile. It is our year-round good cheer that has existed for decades – deeply rooted in traditions that continue to shine bright today in the hearts of the young and the old, long-time residents and newcomers. The warmth and character of the community will wash over you from the moment you enter our town.

McAdenville is a step back in time and into the future … where living simply and splendidly is accomplished with the heart of an entire community behind it … where traditions are coveted and progress is welcomed with open arms and a can-do spirit … where neighbors become friends and memories are made. It is a place that is calling you to belong because of your longing for stress-free living. It is the ultimate kind of giving to yourself and of yourself because everyone deserves a special place to call home.


Is McAdenville Ideal for You?

McAdenville is a bedroom community with timeless appeal. With generations making McAdenville what it is today, its true charm is in its eclectic blend of traditional and modern living. It is the ideal place to live for people who embrace every stage of life with vitality, optimism, and a community spirit - while valuing a unique sense of place and history.


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Commuters: To Work and Back in a Flash

McAdenville NC - Our LocationWhy settle for suburbia or urban sprawl when you can be literally a stone’s throw away from working in Charlotte and feel like you have escaped back into a little piece of heaven each day as you return home? Uniquely situated between Highway 74 and I-85 with six lanes of expressway to make your commute a breeze, this is a very special place on the outskirts of Charlotte that boasts a 20-minute commute during rush hour.

Click on the maps to view the location of McAdenville between I-85 and NC Hwy 74 and the location of McAdenville in relation to Charlotte.

Families: Twinkling Eyes. Smiling Faces.

McAdenville has a way of bringing out the child in everyone because of its traditions and holiday spirit known the world over. However, its ability to preserve traditional values is why families have come to treasure it as a gem of a place to live. From being able to walk your child to elementary school to being delighted by the progressive and diverse curriculum offerings of nearby state-of-the-art public and private schools, you will find that McAdenville is a place you can call home for a lifetime.

Outdoor Lovers: Sparkling Waters. Invigorating Spaces.

Live in and explore our community and appreciate the great outdoors. While just minutes from the U.S. National Whitewater Center and Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, you can also enjoy outdoor leisure nearby with the Carolina Thread Trail for hiking and biking or the South Fork River Blueway for fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Walk for fitness as you enjoy the scenic views while strolling on the historic, tree-lined streets and rolling hills. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy premiere private and public courses within minutes from home.

View the Carolina Thread Trail map here.

Visit the Pharr Yarns Preserve on Facebook here.

Generations: Active Living. Years of Giving.

There is senior living that keeps you secluded and then there is active living McAdenville-style that compels you to experience the freedom that retirement brings right within your own close-knit neighborhood.. If you adore and embrace all generations and find joy in touching the lives of others by being active in a community, look no further than McAdenville. With generations of giving and caring in common, you will know that you have found a place and a people who have not lost sight of what is truly to be cherished in life.

Young Professionals: Big City Lights. Hometown Delight.

Embracing life and going out on the town, but also getting ready to settle down? Do you love to escape and get away from the hustle and bustle, but still love the draw of city life? Then McAdenville offers you the best of both worlds with a quaint place to escape to while being just a few minutes from the city lights of Charlotte.