Pharr Yarns

Corporate Citizenship Igniting the Vision

McAdenville NC - Pharr Yarns; Photo by Steve RankinPharr Yarns’ leadership has been the driving force behind the private-public partnership responsible for the McAdenville Economic Development and Community Enrichment Plan. Since William J. Pharr founded Pharr Yarns in 1939, the hard-working people within Town of McAdenville have been the heart, soul and engine that have powered this company. Pharr’s entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for the manufacturing operation that continues to thrive today. The decades- long partnership between the townspeople and the company hints at the secret behind Pharr Yarn’s success in nurturing and preserving McAdenville as a beloved and nationally renowned community.

When you walk through the streets of McAdenville and talk to its longtime or new residents and business owners, you'll find a deep appreciation for the company, its founder, and the second and third-generation Carstarphen family members who lead Pharr Yarns today. From Christmas Town USA, the Community Center, and Pharr Family YMCA to McAdenville Village and the donation of 95 acres to the Catawba Lands Conservancy for walking trails and a blueway, the Carstarphens have continued the legacy of philanthropy begun by Mr. And Mrs. Pharr so many years ago. The company’s continued commitment to expanding its operations has also increased job opportunities for residents, a number of whom are also employees. Since 2006 alone, the company has invested $50 million into its high-tech fiber extrusion operation in McAdenville. Reflecting McAdenville's health-conscious spirit, the company’s employee wellness and tobacco-free campus initiatives resulted in Pharr Yarns being recognized as one of the county’s “Public Health Heroes” in 2012.

While ingenuity and innovation have served as the foundation for the company’s prosperity, it has been its legacy of service to community and corporate stewardship that have enabled McAdenville to preserve its authentic charm while embracing a vision for the future that burns as brightly as its rich heritage and traditions.