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Bringing Its Rich Past Into Its Future
“The way in which the new town and old town have been conceptualized is exciting. From its rich history inspiring new architecture to the spirit of the people and the town’s leadership working together to preserve its uniqueness, McAdenville beckons to be the one place that has figured out how to bring its rich past into its future.”

Jay McCosh, Owner & Resident
Thomas Kinkade Gallery & McAdenville Village


Exciting Vision of Growth
“Pharr Yarns has been innovative as a mill in providing sophisticated products globally, which has enabled the town to continue to look forward with an exciting vision of growth. The company’s leadership has been such a blessing to McAdenville. Not only do its employees who live here love and truly believe in the Pharr Yarns’ vision, but so does everyone else in the community.”

Travis Nixon, DDS, PA
McAdenville Business Owner